Feathered Heart

Walls of my heart painted grey,
Where do i go with this feathered heart?
All i see is feathers drifting away.

It hurts to let go,it hurts to hold on
With each drifting feather,
A part of me forgone

But here i am,ready to flee,
The darkness that is,
Bothering me.

Walls of my heart painted grey,
Where do i go with this feathered heart?
All i see is feathers drifting away.

Then again i’m held by hope
Trying to weave this feathered heart
Surpassing the urge to elope.

Walls of my heart painted grey,
Where do i go with this feathered heart?
All i see is feathers drifting away.

P.s -Heyya,wordpress fam,i am posting after a really long time,my second attempt at writing a poem,Hope y’all liked it!.Do give your views!. Have a nice day

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Treasures of the Heart

There is so much to feel,but so less to reveal…is it necessary to reveal what you feel?.The question that i keep asking myself is that should i keep my heart on my sleeve or should i keep my heart on my feet? To run away from those who hurt.These immense treasures of my heart include cherished happiness but sorrow too.Memorable moments but mistakes too.So here i build a wall around my heart which isnt impossible to fathom but difficult to reach.Expressing emotions or writing them on a blank sheet which one would u prefer!?.


As i sit leaned to a wall,wall painted grey.What do i see around me?- Darkness.Pitch black darkness. Everything around me is calm but everything inside me is not.There is an array of thoughts in my mind…well some of these are from the past,some of these from the pulsating present..and some carving the future.I feel its good to have this array of thoughts,with my mind racing and my heart gently pacing to embrace the darkness.I know i am not far away from that small peek hole of light,I know this darkness will be replaced by vibrant colours that wont fade.But for now i sit leaned to a wall embracing the glorious mess… in search for hope.In search for a star that sparkles in the dark.


“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” –Marcus Aurelius.

Oh well thats the thing about opinions there can be manyy but none powerfull enough to replace whats true!.Perspective is the judgement of the eyes,which might be deceiving!.

As i come to the end of the challenge i would once again thank Angela Rainbow:) for nominating me,i enjoyed sharing some of my favourite quotes with you all!.

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For allllll the coffee lovers out there…well this is one of my all time favourite coffee quotes.Coffee keeps me going,just one cup of this magical beverage and im ready to conquer the world or rather survive it atleast😂..I hope your coffee kicks in before reality does:)


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Heartious thanks to Angela Rainbow for nominating me for the 3 days,3 quotes challenge!.


The past is a good place to visit,because it makes us realise of our mistakes…but its certainly not a good place to stay.We must act in the pulsating present and enjoy life as it comes:)

This is the first day of this challenge and here are the rules


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Daughterly Affection

A hand that once enwrapped my tiny fingers..

Protecting me as i fumble
Guiding my first little steps..
Is a faint memory that still lingers.
These hands though wrinkled and old still hold me
Guiding my path As i take bigger steps,
Longer roads and huge destinations is what i see..
All awaiting for me.
I know if theres darkness he will be my light.
I know if theres fear,he will be my might.
With him by my side,im ready for every fight.
A father gently caressing his daughter with boundless love, can you all picture this sight?.

P.S-Its my first attempt at writing a poem.Hope y’all liked it.Do drop your opinions and lemme know.

The power of words.

Oh well words are nothing but a deal of the tongue and the heart, a mere combination of alphabets,feelings and thoughts expressed together.Words have a fathomless power that could capture the mind or entrap the heart.Words can either hurt or heal…If you had a choice between a handfull of pearls and stones what would you choose!?. Of course pearls…the magnificent, white beauty is more pleasing than black eroded stones.Let us say the bank of alphabets is filled with pearls and stones…well now make a wise choice.Pearls here emphasize the simple fact that the words we speak should be endearing and luring to the heart,they should not hurt.Just like the captivating beauty of the pearls would be nothing if the pearls are fake,similarly if we dont mean what we say…words that we use will be null and void.Be cautious of what you give people pearls or stones.Pearls that win the heart or stones that break it.


Ever been lost!?.Lost in the land of your whims and fancies.What is it to be a dreamer!?.Oh well it can be said its an escape from reality.Let us sayy this escape is not for a long run but a short walk ,can we?.Ofcourse we can.Isn’t it intresting a world in your head…your own sweet little world.To be honest i visit my wonderland every once in a while and it brings me a wierd sort of pleasure.Although this pleasure is short lived,it does make me smile.The truth is sooner or later the bubble of your wonderland will be pricked by reality…until then enjoy your short journey to the land of your thoughts..who knows reality might change its course 🙂

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